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about Me

Knikki Hernandez

Knikki Hernandez is a high school Spanish teacher with seven years of experience working alongside students and teachers to maximize learning gains and academic outcomes. Knikki specializes in assisting others in navigating the dynamic and complex educational landscape through training on communication between Gen X, Y, & Z, reading & writing, and cultural competency. Additionally, as the CEO & creator of Turning The Tide Teachables, she is responsible for providing access to the most cutting edge and efficient tools for her teacher clients to utilize to create stable and positive classroom cultures. Knikki is a powerful force in the educational world and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to provide clarity to others in terms of how they can become the best version of themselves as educators. Knikki is inspired daily by her parents Karla and Marty and her grandparents Carlton and Patricia. In her free time, Knikki enjoys playing pickleball and basketball with her close friends.

Knikki Hernandez

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